Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Unexpected surprises

No pictures today. We were quite busy playing catch up. We planted additional starts and "fluffed" rows into the walled garden.

Aside from serving as the assistant farm manager, our very own "Big Mike" is also heading up Catherine's Cupboard - the local food pantry. Today he, and a host of others met with one of the local T.V. news crews to conduct an interview about the pantry and others like it in the area.
During the course of the interview it came up that we are growing food that is going to be donated to the food pantry. That is when I got the call, "Myke, just thought I would let you know that [the news] is on the way."

Sure enough, they were coming. The good news is, that they weren't prepared to interview any of us. They were just looking for artistic camera shots. The sad news is that even though they were willing to get down and dirty with their camera, they were unwilling to help us build rows. Oh well. . . their loss.

On another topic, two of our interns will be coming from Wesleyan College in Connecticut. I am assured that they are safe, as I have had correspondence with both of them. Still, our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the students, faculty and staff who have endured such a horrible tragedy in their midst!

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