Friday, May 15, 2009

Bloodied, bruised and burned. . .

"Nobody ever said farming was easy!"

Or so I have been told by a wise old farmer. Still three interns strong, with two on the way, the farm is starting to look, well. . . "farmy". Sadly we have been so busy trying to pull together the loose ends that there hasn't really been time for pictures. I do intend to remedy this next week.

It was nearly 80 degrees when I pulled into my driveway tonight after a day at Pearson's Town. It can't imagine what the thermometer spiked at around noon, but I know that it was warm. This was the week that we have rediscovered old muscles that we haven't used in a while. Blisters, sunburns skinned knees. . . These crops will be brought to the table with much blood and sweat. . . no tears yet.

This week we were blessed by the presence of Amy, our volunteer coordinator of the Kinder-Garden, and the Pearson's Town auxiliary (yes, the wee little people) on Wednesday. Friday, Ashley a friend from New Hampshire (and a student at Saint Joe's), drove from home to give us a hand in the morning. Together we were able to fluff beds in both the walled garden and educational field.

Also on Wednesday, Channel 8 News, who wanted to shoot some pictures of the farm showed up. They had been interviewing some of the directors of the local food pantry, and it came up that Pearson's Town as well as other local farms are committed to providing fresh and healthy foods to our local pantries. Having caught word that we were out in the field prepping the beds, they hot footed it across town to take some shots of Chris and Emily hard at work.

Next week. . . The Weeman Road challenge. . .

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  1. You forgot to add blistered... referencing my left thumb...