Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I ate twice my weight in black flies today!

There is a phenomenal new feeling around the farm. . .

Life - tilling, hoeing, mowing, and as Chris puts it - beautification!

The property is starting to come together. We have been removing some old eyesores that aside from their low aesthetic value, also pose potential safety hazards. It feels good to have the old property loved again.

Today Mike spent hours tilling the educational plot to it's full size (for this year), while Chris and Emily leveled out a heaping pile of compost from last year. We mowed some lawn to hopefully discourage the tick population a little, and eyeballed a spot to put a small corn field.
Stu has it in mind that we should try and provide as much as we can for the thanksgiving meal from the garden, and it looks as though it will happen.

Back on Weeman Road, our good friend Bruce has been faithfully going over our production plot with the disc harrow so that it will be ready to plant when the time comes.

In other notes, we have been visited by owls, a fox, deer (at night), a blue jay that has faithfully, and noisily guard over us, and several different species of snakes. Of course all work stops when we come across something as beautiful as a milk snake, or ring neck. I pride our crew on not only knowing the value of healthy agriculture, but also appreciating the importance of nature around us. It is important to me that we find the balance between production and preservation.
This will be a particularly hard discipline, especially with the site of blueberry blossoms all around. Do we preserve them. . . or do we nibble as we go??

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  1. How about nibble as we go and preserve them... there are ample supplies of wild low-bush blueberries... what about cultivating some of our own... perhaps of the high-bush variety?