Tuesday, May 26, 2009

History is all around us.

We were on Weeman Road today. All of us!!! We welcomed Nat to the team today. He is the last of the summer interns to arrive on the farm, so finally we can look at ourselves as complete.

Weeman road, while being as large as the educational field on Whites Bridge Road, feels both more daunting because of it's size, and easier because of the lack of rocks.

Of course there is history at the Gowan property (where the educational field is), but the Weeman Road property was once part of the Weeman Farm which, as I have been told, was one of the oldest farms in the town. It was used historically as pastureland and the family cemetery is only yards away from where we are planting. Today while building beds Big Mike pulled an old nail - a square nail - from the soil. One can only wonder how old it may be, and what its last purpose was, or who may have left it there. I like to think that it was one of the old Weeman's who used to farm the area that dropped it out of his pocket. It would make this small circle complete. . . Once a great farm, and now a farm again.

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  1. but alas, still a great farm... give yourselves some credit... and who knows what the next generation of farmers will find... perhaps one of owen's shoes...