Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Forward Hoe!!!

The educational field is officially built. All of the rows are in place and await planting! What a feeling that is! The poor staff has worked so very diligently to get it done.
The walled garden is making tremendous progress as well. In all the main campus of the farm is nearly presentable.

On the other side of town - the production field on Weeman road is finally starting to look usable. The sod is largely broken and removed. It will be a cake-walk next year, but with some stubborn determination we will make good things happen there this year!!

So we finished off the day with some farm beautification - and safety control. Taking down broken fences and loose wire from the fields. NOT the crews favorite task, but like so many other things that they have been asked to do, they have undertaken it with the greatest determination and effort. I really couldn't ask for a better crew.

Tuesday Nat will join us and we will be for the first time, a complete crew. I very much look forward to it. . .

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