Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A day of firsts

After what seemed an eternity of being behind we were able to accomplish two very important firsts today. . .

Before leaving from our morning staff meeting Stu asked what the status was on our rhubarb patch. Quite excitedly we were able to provide enough rhubarb to make a number of crisps that will be served at the college's board of directors meeting! Whats more, there is plenty of rhubarb left to make a healthy number of pies!!!!!

The second benchmark that we met was to put our first plants in the ground. The herb garden is planted with a combination of started plants and seeds. We then began to fill our tomato plot with started plants.

It really is amazing to consider the scope of our little project. When we went to Rippling Waters to start our veggies I was certain that we were over planting. Now, that the starts are in their beds it is clear that we could have started a whole lot more. Not to worry! We have plenty of seed stock and will have our gaps filled quickly.

It rained today, heavily at times, steadily at others. Either way it was far too wet to bring the camera out. With any fortune there will be a brief break in the storm tomorrow so we can visually catalogue our progress!!

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