Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things are coming together.

After a frustrating period things are finally feeling like they are all coming together!!
The manual tiller is all assembled, and we finally were able to coordinate with our friends at Rippling Waters Farm (the folks with the tractor) and the good boys here in the facilities department at Saint Joseph's College (the folks that are going to hall the tractor). So the big tiller will be both here and at the Weeman Road on Friday! Hold weather hold!

Another local farm, the Meservey Farm of Buxton, has signed on with us and is very excited about the prospect of helping the interns while the interns help them. They have a pretty impressive collection of produce growing including my all time favorite, artichokes.
They are talking about experimenting next year with sweet potatoes, which we are doing this year. Perhaps we can swap notes and secrets for the next growing season - man would I love to see artichokes in our fields!

This afternoon a group of volunteers will be out at the educational plot to till the walled garden and move rocks and raspberry bushes out of the main growing beds. The raspberry bushes were planted last year under the very eager urging of Saint Joe's Father Paul. So we will take good care to relocate them and encourage them so they will produce a tantalizing crop of red berries for us this year!

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