Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another beautiful day on the farm

The weather was fantastic yesterday. Bright and sunny, but with the breeze not too hot. Much better for working outside than the previous day when it was 90+ degrees. . . . in April!
So weird the weather. It causes me to look ahead ten years from now and wonder what kind of growing season we might have at Pearson's Town. . .

Father Paul's raspberries have been moved to buckets, and the field has been cleared of a couple more buckets of rocks. We have been clearing out the largest rocks lest we have to use the hand tiller at any point. It would be tragic to break a machine so beautiful and new. Mark and Alanna (two of our wonderful volunteers) came out to further the cause. In spite of Mark's recent leg injury he worked like an ox, and Alanna was so focused and determined to get the rocks out of the field.

The rhubarb is sprouting nicely on the far end of the field. With some patience and a good coordinated effort of interns and volunteers, we could be enjoying some fresh picked strawberry rhubarb pie in the cafe soon!

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