Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday, sweet Friday!!

Today was beautiful in more ways than words will let speak.
Sadly, I spent a better part of the day in the office working at "office stuff". It is a necessary evil.

We had our second volunteer meeting. Again, just a handful of folks, but we also received some encouraging e-mails from folks wanting to support us.

After a month of planning things and bouncing ideas off of my computer screen, it was so very nice to listen to people get excited about things and come up with ideas. The farm is very community oriented, and community works much better as a collective of wonderful ideas than as the dictations of one. Mike and Emily were brainstorming some fun herbs to grow, and Sue was talking about the construction of her hoop house at home. . . a design that we may liberate and adapt!

Stu had some great ideas about doing a thanksgiving dinner entirely from the farm (except for wheat for flour, that we wont be growing).

Back at the Phunny Pharm (the homestead/hobby farm that abuts our production plot), the Pearson's Town auxiliary was busy planting seeds that were donated for selling at our Community Planting Day!
And so the weekend is coming! It promises to be in the 70's this weekend. It should be nice. I think we may take this one last weekend off before the mayhem of planting and growing begins. . .

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