Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poets, plants, and a stiff west wind

I had really hoped that I would come across some appropriate E.E. Cummings poem to throw in here. Some how the weather the last couple of days evokes memories of sitting beneath trees reading collections from Cummings. The rain has been a very welcome change to an otherwise dry April. While maybe Frost would have seemed a more logical pick, especially for New England, somehow, he is more my autumn pick. The wind today was steady and inspired goosebumps. One of the neighbors of the Weeman road field has a wind mill. It has been spinning quite ecstatically for the last three days.
So we have been planting starts. I think we have more than enough to get us by for the first planting and then some. A good number have been started from seeds donated by the general public. Those, if they germinate, will be sold at our community planting celebration in May to help us off set some of our start up costs.
Tonight we had our first of two volunteer meetings. It seemed to come as a relief to the few interns that live on campus that they wont be working 431 hours a week. The volunteers from this first meeting seem very excited about learning and gardening with us. Hopefully we will muster a bit more help before the month is out. We have quite a bit on our plate!

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