Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rain drops keeping fallin'. . .

It has been far too long since we have had a decent rain storm. I was beginning to worry about what summer might bring us, especially with one field that does not have it's own irrigation. We will be moving and storing water on the site, so it wont be too bad, but rain is always welcome in appropriate amounts to keep the work load down a bit.
It does meant that Richard is going to postpone tilling both fields which is a little frustrating. Everywhere you look around here there are tilled fields with beds prepped for planting. In the case of some frost hardy plants there are already some crops in the ground. Still we are thankful to have someone willing to come and till for us!

During our festive rain event today - yes I love the rain, so any rain event that isn't floating houses away is considered festive - Emily and I went back over to spend the afternoon with Julee at R.W. to finish off the starts. The great news is that everything that will not be direct seeded is planted!!

Now we can focus on raised beds, soil prep and getting the first plantings in the ground. After that we will look into starting the second round of starts, and building hoop houses.

In the meantime, tomorrow is Earth Day, and we at Bon Appétit will be celebrating "Low Carbon Diet Day". We are encouraging people to think about the impact that the food they eat makes on the environment in the way of food miles. How many miles did your lunch have to travel to get onto your plate and what does that equate to in the way of spent fossil fuels and carbon release?
Are there healthy, tasty food choices that are both local and seasonal that you could be eating instead of something that may have traveled half way around the world and sat in storage for an unknown amount of time??

Good nutrition, good health, and great taste don't have to be sacrificed for the sake of the environment. Nature, and years of both culinary evolution and agriculture have created mouth watering options that can be grown right in your own backyard. . . so for the sake of good health, and our planet enjoy something local!

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