Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hay Everyone!

It's been awhile, I apologize for not updating, I have been busy.

Last month we had Hay Day!  This is a special holiday on the farm where we get the bales of hay for the winter.  We had one day to move and stack 620 bales of hay.  The task began around 6am and ended right around 6pm.  We all got the rash from the hay on our arms and were exhausted by the end of it all.
The U-Haul truck full of hay.
We got our just desserts.
Friday, Myke weighed the sheep to see if there were any that were ready to go to the slaughterhouse.  There are quite a few that are ready!  Looks like we'll be having lamb for dinner soon!
Not the biggest sheep weighed...
Those are the most eventful things that have happened on the farm lately.  Besides those, it's been pretty standard operations on the farm!

Here's a picture of the turkeys!  Myke told me that the farm would turn into "Jurassic Farm" once they got bigger.  Now they look like velociraptors.

Remember the story about the chicken that the duck hatched?  Well, Chuck Dicken is getting bigger!

And here's Rocky doing his goat-thing, which is eating...

Finally, here is a picture of our tomatoes for CSA!

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