Monday, September 5, 2011

Another summer season waning.

I like transitions. I don't like change, but I like transitions. They bring with them warm memories and the promise of something new.

What a phenomenal summer we had out here at the farm. In spite of being out numbered five to one, Noah and I managed to survive the blessed organization that 10 female co-workers brought with them. From Melinda's insistence on straight rows to Amanda's love for all things goat, it was truly a great year.
Alas the summer (the academic summer that is) is now over and like a bee hive the campus is a buzz with students moving back into their dorm rooms. This means that our traditional growing season is coming to a close and we have already planted for the coming winter. With many changes over the summer from the new reporting structure (yup, I got a new boss), to the super fabulous new tractor (Dear old interns, this is where I inform you that not a single intern had to turn a compost pile by hand this summer. . . which is so unfair. They have no idea the fun they missed), we are ready for a break to rest and recollect our thoughts and strategize for the future.

Breeding season is upon us and we are warming up to reintroduce Buster to his lady friends as well as preparing Rocky and Brandy who will, with any luck, be providing milk in the early spring for the Chemistry of Cooking class.

As I bid good friends and good interns adieu for the school semester, I am happy to welcome back Heather who will be coming on board for a third (yup, she's lost her mind) winter season with us.

Stay tuned for some more photos from the summer as soon as I dig up the ol' camera. . .

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