Thursday, July 14, 2011

Everybody Loves a Baby!

So remember when I said no more baby posts? That goes to show that even the best of us have to eat our words every now and then (quote from Dumbeldore in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by the way. Final Harry Potter Movie tonight at Midnight. You're right, this has nothing to do with the farm. I'm just excited.)

There would be no one in the world better to write about the surprise birth than farm intern Amanda. And so the rest of the blog is her own words!

This past Tuesday started like any other Tuesday… the interns dragging themselves to the farm promptly at 8:04… errr, I mean, 8:00. As the day went on, the animals made their usual slew of noises and cries, nothing out of the ordinary. However, around 4:30 pm, our goat Brandy made a cry that even got the attention of Myke. Although she usually makes enough noise for 20 goats, Myke decided to check on her just in case. Imagine his surprise when he saw an extra set of hooves appearing from Brandy! He immediately called all his interns and family to witness the birth. After about 20 minutes of agonizing cries and disgusting fluids, I was a (surrogate) grandmother! A healthy boy was born, who I named Pat. Ten minutes later, Pat was taking his first steps and crying his bone-chilling cry. It has been eight days since this little furry miracle has been prancing around Pearson’s Town Farm, and they have been eight days of joy and threats of dinner from Myke.

Pat has already grown quite a bit and has an amazing sense of curiosity, so naturally he gets into everything and chews on everything. He gets along with Bun Bun, Mae, and all the other animals. Except, of course, Buster. But then again, who gets along with Buster?

I have spent the majority of my time following this little baby around, cuddling and playing. I mean, I have been working in the field non-stop. His personality is awesome, and he has been great with visitors. Today, the Seeds of Peace camp visited the farm and Pat did nothing but wag his tail as he was passed around to 40 sets of hands and oohhed and ahhhed over all day. Brandy is a good mother but not overly protective, so she doesn’t mind Pat leaving to visit with eager visitors. Rocky is a typical boy... I mean, he has been decent with Pat. He doesn’t pay much attention to him unless he is eating, in which case Rocky would head-butt himself if he got in the way.

Pat has been such a positive presence on the farm, and I don’t think I’m alone in saying that we have been blessed with his unexpected birth.

*All photos are taken by Amanda. Except for the one that has Amanda in it -- that one was taken by me. Stay tune for a blog post about our adventures with Seeds of Peace.

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