Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When snow is the scariest seasonal spook. . .

. . .and one is thankful for a good harvest, a good year, and the end of turkey life on the farm.

They (the turkeys) are the size of your average four year old now. . . and heavy to boot. But this post isn't about them. It's about the end of a season (in a manner of speaking), good friends, and garlic. . . lots of garlic.

Buster was reintroduced to his lady friends on the first of November after a month of separation. I believe that he has forgiven us for his time of exile, but only time will tell. Orange is this years marking color - yes the color of the crayon that Buster is wearing that leaves his mark when "the deed" is done. If you are having to ask yourself what I am talking about, this would be a good time to find a parent and ask them. . .

We have four ewes with orange rumps and are looking forward to a fruitful spring. I am holding my breath for lots of twins, but will be happy with what the Good Lord provides.

On the other side of the farm, students and some of our community partners have been feverishly adding compost to our fields, tilling, planting garlic, planting the hoophouses and setting up the "Secret Garden 2010". We didn't ever think that we would finish, but I think that we have wrapped up all of our summer operations for the year. . . except of course the compost, are much more focused on growing some good winter vittles and tending to our critter friends. Our Westbrook High School contingent have been key in getting our secret garden ready. They have also been teaching me a thing or two about animal husbandry ;-)
With all of the numbers in for the year (minus turkeys and some greens) we generated just short of seven thousand pounds of food this year which is closer to my goal of ten thousand pounds an acre.
Many farmers in Maine look forward to the long winter months when they can rest and recollect themselves, but with January comes more planning - organizing fields, thinking about maple syrup, tree pruning and starting plants under protection. . . With Thanksgiving being our last big push I,too, am looking forward to a time of rest and working on the educational programming for next year! In the meantime, we have a bit more planting to do and best of all. . . Wednesday is the day when we prep our little turkey friends for their big day! Stay tuned for all of the fun details. . .

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