Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cruising into autumn

Things on the farm are coming together nicely. October has reminded us what a proper Maine autumn ought to feel like. The night time temperatures have dipped considerably. While many parts (if not most all of the state) has already experienced their first frosts already, we just recorded our first frost this morning - October 19th! Thank you Sebago Lake!!!

Pearson's Town has been increasing our outreach work. . . Windham Junior High's Green-Team has decided to take a go at a small scale winter garden. We are modifying their raised beds into mini high tunnels. Yesterday we planted garlic, lettuce, spinach, carrots and beets. The placement of the beds is a little off for winter sunlight, but I feel that we can make a good go at it.

Last week we welcomed a class from Westbrook High School. They found the experience of being outdoors and connecting with nature and food so beneficial that we have agreed on a weekly visit until old man winter tells us that the weather is just to . . . uninviting.

On the farm we have been continuing to enjoy the company of the ES300 students and a class from the sociology department (See Nat, everything does relate to agriculture). With their help, even on the blustery and cold days, we have managed to make a lot of forward progress toward our wintering operations. The Ed field is nearly tilled and covered, the starts for the hoops are started, or in one case, already in, and the compost piles are making great progress toward winter readiness.

Our old pal Buster is a little grumpy. He has been separated from his lady friends for the month in preparation for the mating season. We are crossing our fingers for a plentiful, and late, lambing in the spring.

So that about covers it for today. . . back to moving hay around. . . .

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