Thursday, August 12, 2010

Farmin' the dream

Sit down and hold on. . .

. . . Obviously there has been a long silence here. Not for any other reason than by the time I sit down at the computer to update you all on the goings on here I fall asleep. In order to keep this post manageable I am going to break it up into two posts.

Since the last post in July, we have lost a handful more interns to the vast depths of "life off of the farm". It is, as I understand it, an endless void, dark and gloomy in which vegetables are found only in their slaughtered form, and those in mass graves on the shelves of the produce department of the local grocery stores. How dismal!
Those poor souls who have left us are missed but never forgotten.Our Midway Celebration was sparsely populated. We had a good time with some community friends,our friends from the Cafe (Thanks Julio and the gang for the STELLAR barbecue), and participants from the Portland String Quartet workshops. With that we begin the downhill journey toward autumn and the end of the traditional growing/harvest season. At Pearson's Town the autumn veggies are all in and growing. . . one last push to hang onto the warm sunny season that passes so quickly here in the north.

The Midway Celebration was followed almost immediately by BAMCO's Northeastern Conference - "Living the Dream" was the theme. Chef Tom and the gang put on an unbelievable spread with a healthy sprinkling of veggies from the farm. Maybe next year. . . lamb!!!!! The Tuesday night festivities were held at the farm with all the fixin's. Certainly an event on the farm to remember. One of my favorite parts (and there were soooo many) was to discover that one of the big bosses is from my home town. It really doesn't bear any weight on anything, but it is just one of those moments that makes the world just a bit smaller. . .

When the conference was over we woke up to discover that we at Pearson's Town are living the dream. The last big event for the summer (I think) is our participation in the Backyard Locavore Tour hosted by the University Extension. Folks bought tickets to tour several local farms and spend time with Master Gardeners, Master Preservers, and other experts. We spent quite a bit of time talking about permaculture, grass fed vs. grain fed, and the importance of promoting family farms, local diets, and good nutrition. Our Master Preserver Andrea brought along a mean veggie dip! Yum!!!!

So what's next?!? We have two new ewes coming just in time for breeding, our poultry palace is getting close to done,I am still fighting with the pasture fence, school starts in just a couple of weeks, and of course there is the Lake Region's Farmer's Market every Saturday from 8 - 12 at the Manchester school off of Route 302 in Windham!!!

Swing by and see us sometime!!!

Harvesting in the Kinder-Garden!

The beginning of the never ending summer of squash. . .

Some Kinder-Friends practicing for Thanksgiving.

Does anyone know what is going on here?!?!?!?!

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