Sunday, July 18, 2010

The colors of the farmer's market

The weather is warm and holding. I read today that this was the warmest June in recorded history. Pretty crazy to think of how that has affected the overall growing season.
From our friends in the gardening circles we have mixed reports. . . some, like us, are about four weeks ahead of schedule, others are right on the money for a "normal" year, and others still are having sluggish harvests.

I am very happy to report that we were able to provide a very rounded offering of color at the market this week. From the beet greens, which are red and green to the summer squash and it's yellow to the striped zucchini and it green and pale colors it was a lovely site at market. Our friends next door to us at the Fresh Start Farms stand had their usual fresh greens, which are always so vibrant, but also some early white onions, potatoes and radishes. I really enjoy having them as neighbors because, aside from being wonderful folks, our stands together really bring out the vibrant colors of life at the market (which is by no means to say that any of our other friends their don't also add - our market really is the best ever :-).

On darker notes we have finally had to struggle with nature. Up to this point we have never lost a bird (chicken, duck, turkey, etc) to a wild animal. This week. . . 29 in two days. It turns out that we have a bit of a weasel problem. I have yet to solve this mystery, but I am sure that we will over come! In fact, we have begun construction on the new Poultry Palace. I am pretty sure that it has more square footage than my house, and will have all of the amenities. . .eat your heart out Ty Pennington. Once it is in place, our poultry will find solace and warmth.

The bright side of the week. . . the Catherine's Cupboard Garden is built and partly planted. The warm season crops are all but in. We will focus on the cold season crops and autumn harvesting for the balance of this season and then watch the magic next year while we inaugurate the plot for it's first official year.

In the mean time it is time to weed, weed, weed. This season has been great for our crops and great also for our weeds. . . Back to the fields. . .

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