Saturday, April 3, 2010

King Richard ATTACKS!

First of all... Today I almost died... Second of all... I have to thank my mother for saving my flipflop.

Here is the story... I am only gunna tell everyone once... because it was a very scary experience for me.... I brought my beautiful niece to the farm to meet our newest member, the baby lamb, Bates. After showing her the cute bundle of joy and petting the suddenly extremely friendly Buster, we went to say "hi" to the chickens. The chickens in the small coop were still locked up so, we went to say "hi" to the chickens in the big coop...

That is when I saw him... King Richard... (play scary music here)

Why he was in the big coop I will never know... I always knew there was a reason I personally was scared of him.. even though he had never attacked me, personally. Today was going to be the day, and I should have sensed that.

This was the moment that my innocent niece saw an egg... How could I say no to that face? She was so excited.... After much consideration, I decided I was going in...

When I stepped in, I made a scary noise and all the hens backed away and went on with their normal business... not King Richard, the very large rooster. He stood proud on the ramp up to the chicken coop. The glorious egg, laid under the coop.

In this moment I thought of Alyssa Jean's "Chicken shuffle." This is when you shuffle your feet fast, towards the chicken, to scare the chicken away. Unfortunately I did not think of the fact that the ground was basically mud and chicken poop and I was wearing flip-flops, making each step a slidey, smelly, sticky movement. So I tried the "Chicken shuffle" but, it ended up being more of it one-foot-sliding-through-the-mud-as-the-other-flipflop-got-stuck-in-the-mud. Needless to say, I was now one shoe down.

This is when I noticed that King Richard was not happy at my attempt to chase him away. He was so angry in fact that he flew into my stomach and started pecking me! IT WAS SO SCARY, I SCREAMED! He fluttered his wings aggressively and he pecked my hands as I tried to push him away. Then I tried to push him with my shoe and my other flipflop fell into the mud in the middle of the caged in area. But King Richard was off me and so I ran out of the the coop and I closed the door quickly behind me.

My niece asked me if I was okay.. and thankfully I will live... I have a peck mark on my finger (I tried to take a picture but for some reason... it isn't visible in photograph) and a small red scratch mark on my stomach (it did not bleed at all). Physically, I will be fine... but mentally I will always be afraid of.... (play scary music again) King Richard.

... On a side note, all the other chickens are amazing and I am not even afraid of all the other roosters (that are in ed field). Nobody needs to feel bad for my niece... because after all my hard work of trying to get that one egg... I walked around the coop and saw a egg directly on the other side of the fencing that I could easily reach my hand in and grab. With everything said.. at least she is happy now. Oh, and my mother thankfully went in with the scary rooster, well my niece and myself distracted the chickens and retrieved my flip-flops (covered in poop) for me.

I still love everything about the farm with all my heart... but I have to say... I DO NOT like King Richard!

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  1. I probably should not have laughed as hard as I did at this post, but I WAS amused!!! Fear not dear Heather, kind King Richard will meet his "processor" soon enough.