Monday, March 29, 2010

The Beauty of Farming

Hey everyone. This is my first blog for Pearson's Town Farm... My name is Heather. I work as a "Community Service Leader" through work study. But you will find me spending most, if not all, of my spare time at the farm. It is amazing how a farm can bring so many people together into a friendship/family-like bond.

I live at home, So I do not get to the farm as much as I would like. When I am there there is always something fun to do...

One of my favorite things to do is play with the chickens.
"Patchworks" is one of my favorite chickens because she lets me pick her up and she has pretty kick-butt feet.

Another one of everyone's favorite thing to do egg hunting. There is nothing more exciting then everyone's personal daily Easter egg hunt. =)

Life. That is one thing that is always present at the farm. Recently the most amazing and cute creature was brought to us, Bates. He (we still believe Bates is a boy) was brought to us by complete surprise, but at the farm we tend to expect everything and I for one was wicked excited.
Isn't he just completely adorable?
Myke says we are going to kill him and eat him. He even called him "Dinner" today. I know he is being honest... but for right now when you look at this little ball of cuteness.. How can anyone think, "Mmmm Food!"

Today at the farm, sense it was all wet and gross, we worked on planting. That is another one of my farming passions. I LOVVEEEE working with extremely tiny seeds. It is so fun to try to get one seed that looks 10 times smaller than dust into each section.

As the Vice President of the Photography Club, I hope to be taking more pictures and adding more post... Everyone should stop by at the farm at least once... To see the beauty of life all around us as well as have a good laugh.

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