Sunday, December 6, 2009


Winter officially starts the 21rst of December. It decided not to wait and arrived last night. . . Snow, snow, everywhere there is snow!!

It actually isn't all that much from a New Englander's perspective - only about 4 inches. From the neurotic farm manager who is paranoid about growing plants in hoop houses, mulched over garlic and critters who have suddenly become completely dependant on hay (did we buy enough?) it might as well have been the blizzard of the century!!!!

Oh look, a missed call on the phone. . . from Dana. . . uh oh! Do I panic? Don't I panic. I call her, no answer. . . not even a ring - her phone is off. Eeeeeek. What could this mean??? Wait, there is no voicemail for me. . . Dana would have left a voice mail if the barn fell over, right?!?! Of course she would have. . . why panic??

Breathe, breathe. . . you will be at the farm in 12 hours. . . you can make it old man. . .

Stay tuned for pics of the miracle of farming in the snow!

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