Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am taking the day off. My wife would say that it is about time, but there is always stuff to do.

Farming is less a job and more a lifestyle. Farming sustainably requires more work. A friend of mine, who is trying to live much more in union with the earth than I, once told me that "simplifying" your life doesn't make life more simple, it makes it more worth while.

The growing popularity of winter farming is an exciting new trend in Maine that illustrates the lifestyle over the job. . . Yesterday, in the end of November, I was able to purchase locally grown tomatoes that were ripe, juicy and not tainted by ethylene. Changing seasons and new technologies are allowing us to expand our seasonal diversity, and for a boy from central California, this is welcome news!!!

A lot has been going on here at Pearson's Town in the last couple of weeks. The hoop houses are up and planted. We have cleaned out the turkey coops to make way for the "new" chickens. Yesterday we finally gleaned our fields. . . doesn't that seem a little late??
Sheep were happy about that - they helped us glean!!!

. . . and of course, there was the Thanksgiving meal at Saint Joseph's on the 19Th that featured poultry and produce from the farm. It was great to bring together so many local foods to celebrate a real New England Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!

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