Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last of '09

The year is waning the clouds are increasing - snow will usher in 2010.
Even as we sit around - we do work occasionally in the winter too. . . don't get the wrong idea - and dream about some exciting projects for the coming season it is hard to let go of good times from the last year! Here as an end of the year offering are some photos of some of the folks that made Pearson's Town happen!Much of the following is all a collective of inside jokes (if you weren't there), but should bring a chuckle if you were. These are some of the phrases and moments from around the farm in 2009 (Disclaimer - Some of the statements made may be a little, um. . . well. . . controversial, and a couple of the photos may not be for the young, and those with week constitutions). . . If you have any to add please leave them in the comments. . .

"Well, screaming worked for us!"
- Emily when explaining her and Sierra's technique for catching groundhogs.

"Hey Myke. . . I may have broken the shovel. . ."
- Chris after breaking a shovel

"Hey Chris, remember that drill bit I lost?!?"
- Myke after having found a drill bit INSIDE a turkey.

"You wanna come fluff a row with us?"
-Chris to a local T.V. News producer when their crew came out to do a story on the farm.

"Hey this turkey has an extra arm."
- Emily upon discovering Monsanto - our beloved turkey with an extra appendage!

"Uh, Myke remember hoe?!?"
- Chris broke another tool. (There may have been a trend here).

"Blais, we're not trying to dig to China here!"
- A reminder made while we were building the planting beds

"So, do you know how to dig a hole?"
- A question asked to one of our interns by an intern from another farm.

"Um. . . Lichten just chased a groundhog into the woods with a scuffle hoe."
- We never saw that groundhog again.

"I am NEVER driving that van again!"
- Blais after hitting a fence, picnic table, rusted out tractor and then getting it stuck in mud. All in the span of ten feet at less than 5 MPH.

"I win!!"
- Anyone, after having found and emptied the NASTIEST 5 gallon bucket of compostable food scraps.

"Oooooooooh, I know why no one is sitting near us."
- Dana after having discovered that the smell of compost in our hair and clothes was the reason we got through the line at the cafe so quickly!

"Tell 'em about the chicken coops Myke."
- Said while leading a group of 70 nuns on a tour of the farm. The chicken coops were recycled from old confessionals.
And with that. . . it's back to work!

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