Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 comes to a screeching halt!

It's cold out today. The thermostat reads about 17 degrees but the wind chill with gusts is bringing us closer to zero.
The hoops are maintaining. We have survived three snow storms now and are no worse for the wear. I have been doing some adjusting to the row covers, making them higher, a little more taught, etc., as we run through our first go at winter farming in the high tunnels.
The critters here are holding up well. The sheep have finally overcome their phobia of snow. . . goof ruminants. The ducks on the other hand, who had taken to nesting under the coop to avoid the dreaded chickens (it must be like having 50 little brothers. . . and sisters) have resigned themselves to the idea that they will be warmer in the coop out of the wind.

The exciting part for me these last couple of weeks have been the happenings in our "hidden" garden. The herbs and tomatoes are holding their own, but the peas. . . the peas!!!There are now two score and nine pea plants that are climbing toward the. . . ceiling?!?. . . rather vigorously. My hope is to see some fresh snow peas, sans the snow in the Cafe in February. Could it happen?!?!? I guess we will have to wait and see.

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