Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is it summer or is it autumn?

September first - it feels like autumn. It has for a week now. We on the farm had been hoping for an Indian summer this year, to make up for the slow start to the season.

The athletes have returned to the school, and the rest of the student body is just a few days behind. The cafe is up and running again, and man is it ever nice to see the good folks in the kitchen make great food even better!!
Friday we bid adieu to good Mr. Lichten, who now graduated from college is headed west in search of new experiences. We wish him well. Two days into the new week and he is sorely missed.All the usuals are still popping, the beets, turnips, greens, beans, and so on. This week Mr. Brandes and I have been watching the brassicas taking off. The cabbages and broccoli are doing fabulously, and, knock on wood, our truce with the groundhogs seems to be holding.
They say that a person can efficiently handle an acre in production. We are now two, and trying to manage nearly three and still finish putting up the hoop houses, manage the poultry breath in between. In two days I loose Mr. Brandes, and boy will I be thankful by Tuesday for the incoming crew.Oh, did I mention that we have 97 chickens on the farm at the moment. . . in addition to the turkeys and ducks. . .

more to come on that. . .

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  1. That's such big news! Good luck to you sir. Stay strong.

    Also. That's a lot of chickens.