Sunday, September 6, 2009

And so ends the summer. . .

Officially the first summer season at Pearson's Town has ended.

Of course we are still harvesting and watering, weeding, and even planting. . . yes planting.

The weather is not at all doing as I had hoped, but we are stubborn and determined. Seeing as we were cheated out of the first half of summer I had hoped, albeit selfishly as my hope probably isn't in the best interest of the environment as a whole, that we might have an Indian summer that would stretch into November. Granted this is the prayer of, I think, many farmers this year. While our day time temperatures still creep up in to the upper 70's and even 80's, our night time temperatures are starting to hover lower and lower - tonight they are calling for nearly 40 degrees as the low. The wild differences in temperature are playing havoc on some of our crops.

So Mr. Brandes, the last of the interns, survived till the end, and had such a good time that it sounds that he wants to stick around for the autumn season. In just a few short days we will welcome Ashley and Dana on board to help us through the last warm days of 2009.

Hoop houses are well underway, and we should be planting in them in the next week or two.
For Sierra - Chris and I managed to save about a third of the tomatoes that you devoted so much love to. . . there are quite a healthy number of fruits on them. . . if we can find a way to keep the chickens out of the patch, we could maybe harvest a couple hundred pounds. . . that would be nice. . . .

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