Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sites on the farm. . .

We are happy for the sunlight!!!

The weather is still weird though - the nights are cool as the autumn. The plants are growing nicely. The Kinder-Garden is booming. Stay tuned for activities happening there. . .

We on the farm count our lucky stars that we have such a blessed place to work. In spite of all of the early season struggle, we have had such a wonderful first summer. Adding to the fun, on Saturday, our chicks arrived. What farm is complete without chickens???

Obviously we could never keep up with the eggs needed to feed the hordes of young people who gobble up breakfast on a daily basis at St. Joe's, but we do have ticks, and chicks love ticks!!! So aside from their aesthetic value, our chickens, when large enough to be outside, will be protecting us from parasites large and small. For now though, they are just cute and cuddly!
Here is some of what we saw on the farm this week. . .
Tomatoes in the Kinder-Garden!
Chris and his Mom working hard at getting the supports ready for the raspberry patch!

Lucky the farm dog hard at work protecting the veggies from would-be predators!

Wild Maine Blueberries. . . they are everywhere!!!

Shell pea blossoms making an appearance in the educational field.

The secret life of beans.
Big Mike building another coop (this one was never a confessional!)

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