Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's raining!

Finally a good soaking rain. It looks like four days of good soaking rain. That is good news for the soil. Much better to have it all now, than spread out over the summer like it was last year.

We are just days away from our official start date. There is lumber in the barn, tilled soil, and deer fencing ready to go. The plants we started are green and happy looking, the apple trees are in blossom, so far spring is looking mighty good!

Tomorrow I will be up at Little Alaska Farm moving cattle. Little Alaska is the beef provider for Saint Joseph's college. The cows are all grass fed and the farm is little more than an hour away (actually probably less). The livestock is well treated, the butcher is on site, and transportation is minimal making it a good match for the school, and our Bon Appétit account. Roger the farm owner is going to be moving some of the cattle down to our farm for the summer. The meat we eat will be the meat we raise. This will give the faculty, staff and students here at the college another opportunity to become close to their food, and it will give the interns the opportunity to decide whether or not they are "livestock people".

Did I mention that tomorrow is supposed to be the rainiest day of the week. . . .

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