Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dyna Had A Little Lamb!

This is a surprise to us!

This year, Dyna (our oldest ewe) was left out of the breeding stock after almost dying giving birth last year.  The sheep that we did put in the breeding stock this year are expected to give birth in the middle of March and this is obviously not the middle of March.

Not knowing who the father is, or when the dirty deed took place, we think it was either Big (who is currently at Myke's house) or Tobey (who was sent to the slaughterhouse) and because she gave birth now, we think the time of conception is around late August.

Since we don't know who the father is the little lamb cannot be included in the breeding stock next year.  In other words: don't get attached.

I've already gotten attached.

The little guy was born sometime over the past night and he is still pretty small.  He tries not to stray too far from Dyna's side, who seems reluctant to keep him around.  Which is understandable considering what she went through last year.

Hopefully she warms up to him!

But really, how could you say no to this face?

Hope you come over and meet him soon!

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