Friday, November 1, 2013

The Farmer Has a New Farm Office!

Myke's office is in the process of being relocated to the Marketing side of the farm building.  His new office will be (if my memory has this right) the first left as you walk in and up the stairs (on the left) at the end of the room.  So, if you can't find him, this is just another place to check out!

At the farm, we have been preparing for winter still and getting ready for garlic.  One of our sheep has an eye infection from getting something in her eye (presumably hay) and may end up going blind.  We have been keeping a close eye on her.  No pun intended.

Myke removing some puss.
Then, today, we ran the sheep out to pasture for the weekend.

Yup, I was running with the camera.  Got my exercise for the week!
Finally, the day ended with some bunny therapy.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the warm weather!

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