Saturday, January 12, 2013

6 Degrees of Separation with Saint Joe!

Spent the day in Jefferson, Maine (ever heard of it?? Me neither.) at a soap making workshop.

We were learning how to make soap using goat milk. At the outset that sounds weird, but once you actually use the stuff you will never go back!

There I am with 12 women in a strange kitchen playing with caustic chemicals. Yup, as the only guy I was at a major disadvantage with regard to craftiness and these gals were rough and tumble to boot! While I was thinking about what wonderful culinary creation I would make tonight, they were talking about going down to the Rod and Gun club after they finished smelt fishing. I was a little intimidated.

During the course of conversation it came up that Saint Joe's has a farm. One of the women looks up a little surprised and says, "Oh, you work with my cousin."

Relatives that worked at Saint Joseph's College, there was my in into conversation. Suddenly I was a bit less terrified for my well being. Even in Jefferson, Maine there are people who are connected with our humble little college. How cool is that?

As for soap, Brandy and Callie are due in two weeks. This means kids, which means goat milk, which means we can make us some soap!!!! Could this be a new item offered on campus. . . 'Monk Soap' does have a ring to it. . . and Lord knows those athletes could use it.

Stay tuned for photos. The soap we made today is setting up. I will be cutting it Monday and putting it out to cure. Once its on the curing trays we can get some photos of the nearly finished product.

More to come. . .

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