Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December and the camera battery saga continues

I know folks who wore shorts yesterday. . . .

No climate change my goat! Here I am sitting in the barn and it's cold,  but not December cold. Yesterday we worked on removing boulders and tilling the area that is soon to be the new Community Garden and Square Foot Education space (working title). Yup, tillers in the ground. . . tilling!! One does not till in December.
Truth told, it's nice, really nice to be working the soil. Usually this time of year we are hiding in the Mercy Center trying to warm up after feeding the livestock. So this is very nice.

We have stayed 'seasonally appropriate' otherwise. The college had the Christmas tree lighting on Saturday. The creche is out front and the Holy Family in residence. When folks came out to the tree for the lighting they found shepherds watching their flocks by night. A couple sheep, a couple goats. They were grazing what remains of the green grass poking through the light layer of snow (thanks to the facilities folks for keeping the grass green! The critters loved it). We had fun in our shepherd costumes (thanks Maureen) and folks seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves.

Now our time is torn between working the ground which is mighty unusual for this time of year, and working on things like seed orders and cleaning up barns (which we should be doing). With finals so rapidly approaching our labor force is dropping off a bit so we will devote our time evenly as best we can while the temperatures stay up.

Speaking of labor force, I meant to tell you a quick story about my camera, you know, the one that I use to take pictures of the farm to post here?! Well, I lost the charger for the battery, which I think that I previously mentioned. Finally after much dragging of feet I went down to the local camera place and found a 'universal' battery charger that was labeled for our camera. Excited, I bought it, brought it home and while it is set up to charge a whole slew of batteries both here and in Europe, it did not in fact fit my battery. Grrrrr. . .

So after a few phone calls I have my sights set on a proper charger. . . In the mean time this wonderful young lady who we will call Molly (mostly because that is here name) has been working on some long overdue revisions to the blog and has posted some pictures for us! Thanks Molly.

Stay tuned for more exciting news. . . kidding season is right around the corner.

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  1. I think you should call the new garden space: the 'Square Community Education Foot Garden'.

    Just saying!