Monday, September 24, 2012

4 days and 1 warm shower later. . .

We survived the fair!! Woohoo!

First off, many thanks to Amy, Mary-Rose, Jenna, James, Anne, and Alyssa who made the Ag Demo section of the fair, and our booth a success. Many additional thanks to Meagan, Megan, Kim, Heather, Stev, Aprille, and the others who took care of things at the farm whilst we were away. Without these folks the farm would wither away and my hair would fall out!

So what did happen at the fair?!?

We talked with people, listened to some really educational talks (look out Saint Joe's - I learned how to train goats to pull wagons!!), we ate organic cheeseburgers, we visited the critters, we danced, we slept a little, but mostly we just had fun.
Among some of our claims to fame at the fair this year were our ribbons from the exhibition hall. Pearson's Town took second place with our artichokes and eggplant, and third place with our okra.
We were recognized by a good many people and had good conversations with a good many young people who are starting to think about college.

On the home front we are harvesting the last of our produce for the year. This has been a good year, and we have worked the soil hard, so it is time to thank it with a healthy fertilizing and cover crop. We have traditionally worked the ground till just before Thanksgiving in order to have an offering at the school's celebration. This year we will have to be content with turkey. Our soil has been so good to us these last many years and so this year we will begin a new trend in our farming practices that will make us better stewards of the land.

These next two weeks will be busy as we prep for the Sustainability Festival and get the gardens put to bed for the winter. We also have sheep to breed and garlic to prep for planting. The garlic will be especially exciting because we will be planting it into a new 'field'. We started working new land in the spring and we are going to finally get to start planting it in. Garlic seemed the best way to inaugurate a new space.

While garlic is amazing, and wonderful, and the perfect food we are going amp up the coolness with a little math. At the beginning of the semester we visited Frank Dagget's math class with some rabbits to help explain and demonstrate the Fibonacci Sequence. In honor of that experience and to be just a pinch more 'permie' (this is what permaculturalists call themselves - they are allergic to squares and straight lines), we are going to plant the garlic in a spiral to give life to the Fibonacci Sequence at a really macro level. Hopefully it will be a sight to be seen. We will try and get some photos that do it justice.

Speaking of photos - well, your just going to have to wait. The battery charger for our camera is AWOL so I have reverted to using my old film camera - how retro! Of course now I have to find a scanner (do they still make those?) so that we can get the pictures on line. Be patient though, these things have a way of working themselves out!!

In the meantime enjoy the first week of autumn!

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