Thursday, June 7, 2012

June is here. . .

. . . and it feels like April. After such a hot dry spring the rain is a welcomed sight. Well, it was a welcomed sight, then it moved in, ate our food, ran up our power bill, left it's laundry on the floor, and didn't seem to have inclination to leave. The ducks of course loved this!

Mumma duck is now sitting on her third clutch of eggs for the year. In fairness we 'stole' the first clutch and incubated them ourselves, then took the ducklings from the second clutch for there own safety. So if this third hatch is good, we should have ducks coming out of our ears soon. Of course, while mumma is sitting so devotedly, Dad duck has been out swimming in the lake that was once our parking lot. The chickens in the meantime have reverted to using the barn as a roost at night because they don't want to cross the pond to go back in to the coop. This hasn't worked out so well for them though, as our friend the fox has become so brazen as to come into the barn at night to swipe a chicken or two. This of course means war!!

The rain has been a bit of an impedance for our planting. Much of the soil is saturated and we haven't been able to work the soil in some of the fields. Just today we were dry enough to have our friends from Westbrook High School come out and plant some cabbage, tomatillos, and celeriac in our walled garden. Its hard to believe that the end of their school year is already upon us. The gap between their planting and their being able to come back and harvest always seems much too long, but still they return and we enjoy their company and enthusiasm.

Things are coming together nicely this year. If you are nearby and can, you should swing out for a visit. Whether to come out and work with us, or just to visit and chat, we would love to have you out.

Stay dry.

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