Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow days

The new year came and went, and all was quiet on the farm. I meant to update you all last week, but honestly. . . nothing exciting happened.

This, on the other hand, has been a pretty exciting week. We had the Ag trade show in Augusta this week. We learned about raw milk production and new legislative updates regarding carcass disposal (that does sound exciting doesn't it??). All of the electrical in the barn is done. Meaning that all areas in our wing of the barn now have lights. Since all of the rabbits now have permanent housing, and we have officially inaugurated 'Rabbit Alley', we have now begun the process of cleaning and reorganizing the barn and the "office" to make it people friendly for the coming semester.

Of course, what fun is getting something done without a hiccup or two. . . enter, the snow storm yesterday. Not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. The farm has that beautiful, peaceful look about it again, plus, this time I got to use the tractor to plow - yeah, fun!!!! Have I mentioned how much fun our lovely little Kubota is?

The storm cut into our organizing project, but it gave us occasion to do a thorough cleaning of all of the stalls and get the critters rearranged (We needed to clean the stalls before the storm to get the bedding up to the compost ahead of the snow). Brandy is now parked in her birthing stall (due any day now), Rocky and Pat have been reintegrated and are getting along well, and we are just about ready to take ownership of our new ram, Charlie. I will tell you a bit more about him when he gets here. . .

In the meantime, the weekend is here and we are going to take a break before the semester starts. I will keep all posted should Brandy deliver. In the meantime, here are those pictures that I promised. Some scenes from the past three weeks!

Students working on hutches for Rabbit Alley.

Garlic under hay in the walled garden.

Savoyed cabbage in the ed field the last week of autumn semester. . . yep, you ate this already!

Chickens chillin' in the sun Wednesday before the storm.

Winter greens under row fabric in the south hoop house.

Grow happy!!

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