Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The End of Mae... Er... May/Beginning of June

Hello all! My name is Kate and I am one of the summer farm interns who will be posting regularly on this blog. And by regularly, I mean regularly. Not just when a new baby sheep is born. We’re all going to be better at that from now on!

So update on how the end of May/beginning of June has gone.

The school year ended, most people left campus for the summer (or for life in the case of seniors) but eleven brave souls stayed behind to manage the farm in exchange for free room and a meal. Amanda, Courtney, Melissa, Aylssa, Melinda, Mary Jo (MJ), Annie, Caitlin, Jamie, Noah and I are the interns this year. Yep! Ten girls, one guy, and a farmer that will probably need a little therapy after the summer ends, but that’s alright. It’s been a grand and exciting adventure ever since.

Now, a lot has happened in about the last month. So I figured the best way to break it all down is a chart:

Yes, a huge hunk of our time has gone to weeding. Particularly in the walled garden, which was taken over by what I’m sure are evil grass. (Cold, calculating, and fast growing evil grass).

Amanda and Courtney taking a break from weeding in the walled garden.

Mae has become very attached to all of us and follows us everywhere. Which is very cute and Mary Had A Little Lamb like, but when we are weeding and she tries to help but instead eats all our beans… Or when she forgets to follow us and then disappears and BAAAAs all over the farm… or she eats my beloved peas. Yeah. Then we tell her we are going to eat her. Not in front of Alyssa though.

Mae sunbathing.

The goats are crazy as ever, getting into anything. Brandi may or may not be pregnant. We have no idea, but we are hoping! Myke bought them leashes so now we can keep a little better track of them.

Rocky standing on a table, eating a pencil.

Mama duck hatched her eggs. All ten of them hatched! However, only three are left. We named them David, Elijah, and Glen. David is my favorite one. We bonded a lot over a nice bath (and by that I mean, I gave David a bath). However, David might be a girl, I have yet to determine. I won’t change her name is she is a she. We’ll just start a new trend together.

Mama Duck and her three babies. (David is the one in the middle.)

We’ve had several school groups visit the farm, including second graders from Windham. This is my favorite part of the job. They are always so excited to be on the farm. They absolutely love the animals. This group in particular was just a great group. A few gave their left over carrots from lunch to Bun Bun. They LOVED Mae. My favorite moment of the day was when about three students went into the barn to say good-bye to Mae. One little boy took an extra long time and waited for the other two to leave before he whispered, “I love you, Mae.” I thought it was adorable. Watching the kids reaction when the chickens descended on their lunch area was hilarious and adorable as well.

Bun Bun, who all the kids loved!

There is a ton more we have done so far this summer. There’s been alumni weekend, breaking in the new tractor and the new lawn mower. Tilling an area for a new pumpkin patch, shearing Buster and a ton more!

It’s going to be a great rest of the summer on the farm, which means you all better stay tune, because there are going to be a lot more stories from this farm!

Caitlin and Noah, two of the Summer Farm Interns, holding chickens.

All Photos were taken by Amanda Knowlton, who is beautiful, amazing, and brilliant!

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