Sunday, February 13, 2011

February Thaw

(This is the door handle to one of the hoop houses)
It's been a long, cold, snowy coupla months, but here we are - above freezing (just barely - like 1 degree, but that counts!) temperatures for two days in a row. The weather folks say that we should be in the middle 40's tomorrow! Get them swim shorts ready.

We have welcomed back our friends from the ES300 classes, and none too soon. They started their service time in earnest and have been super helpful. We are always excited about help to move snow off of hoop houses, leaf piles, and keep walkways clear. Now, however, is also the time to get some of the early season alliums started, and get the barn ready for the frenetic spring that is coming.

One particularly memorable event this week was an invitation that we received to participate in the Health and Wellness Fair. The catch was, that the fair was being held in the Alfond Center and that they wanted us to bring some of the "fur children". We obliged, of course, and brought Baby and Gracie over for a little fun. I had no idea how great the acoustics in that building were until the girls started making some noise; and most people had no idea how much a couple of sheep could smell in an enclosed public space. Much to their credit, the organizers had the good forethought to make sure that there was plastic sheeting on hand to handle the "mess".

You would never expect that people would be so surprised to see people taking sheep for a walk along the roadside like it is some weird happening. Sure enough, driver's reactions ranged from outright laughter to utter shock. In the end there were no automobile accidents, we had a good time and managed to drum up a little excitement for the farm and the impending lambing season. Oh, and we talked about the importance of good, locally grown, organic food too!

Many, many thanks to Riley, Chris, and the gang from facilities for coming out to repair our broken pipes, and clear our roof!!
Those roof guys are nuts! Awesome, but nuts!!

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