Thursday, February 24, 2011


Baby lambs EVERYWHERE!!!! They are so cute! First there was Charlie, out first very cute little boy. (Who is now called Omar de Sheep) He was born on Thursday. Gracie is such a good mommy, She loves her little boy so much. (As do we all)
Now, Just a week later he is hanging out with his dad and uncle Amall (The Llama!) He even frolics!
Then on monday Farmer Myke went away (for the midnight run) He promised that no babies lambs would come into this world while he was away. Then I get this bizzar call on monday morning. "Baby had a baby! and there is another one coming! Can you get to the farm?" So, of course I went!!! It was the most amazing experience of my life! When I got there Baby (The sheep/mom) had already had her first twin. It's a girl!
Baby Girl #1
Aimee and I watched Baby for a while and than we saw hoofs!!! Little lamb feet poking out trying to get into this world! Then we got to watch the second lamb come into this world! (and I got it all in photos, however I will only show you a few)
"Look mom! Thats my sister!"
Aww A happy family =)
Baby Girl #2
Watching Baby (the mom) deliver her second baby and love her just as much as she loved the first child was amazing. The bond between sheep and their children is instant and incredible. The love that the sheep have for their babies. Baby will even let her babies climb all over her like jungle gym. I was more than happy to be there when the twin girls were born and to welcome them into this world. Being there to witness life is amazing. One of the reasons I truly do love Pearson's Town Farm.
Then came another surprise on tuesday morning! Dani had delivered her baby girl outside the night before. The baby and Dani stayed outside all night long. That is one tough lamb! However Kate (The baby lamb) is doing very well today and her mommy loves her very much!
Kate! (She loves to be pet, but her mommy doesn't like people to go near her!)
As Myke told everyone the sheep are not due intil LATE MARCH! So, I am expecting Dyna to give birth... hmm probably tomorrow, if not tonight. =) She is the only one that has had a child before (Bates) So she is a pro. She is ready for anything!
Then there is Proud daddy Buster the baby making machine and Uncle Amall eatting hay outside. Uncle Amall is a very good uncle and loves all of the babies. When the sheep were in labor he did a great job of keeping everyone away from them until we could get to the mommy and safely move her into a different stall.
Then we must not forget the goats! They would definitely not be happy if we forgot to mention them! They love the attention and will do anything to get it! Including eating my jacket!
Brandy (The girl)
Rocky (The boy)
Well if there is definitly one thing I learned over the past few days it is pretty much everything about lambing. While Baby was lambing I was reading the lambing book and I learned A LOT! Quiz me... I dare you =) Working on the farm is such an amazing experience! I would not trade it for anything!

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