Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The end of an era

History buffs may recall the grand story of the "unsinkable Molly Brown", but I assure you that she had nothing on Pearson's Town's "unstoppable Molly K."!!!!!!Friday we bid adieu to the last of our first year interns. Aside from being a force to be reckoned with, and a joy to work with, Molly became a good friend. She worked feverishly, and spread her joy for working with the earth to everyone that worked with us, and she was the ONLY intern that really loved running the tiller. Is this beginning to sound like an obituary?!?
Molly represents the end of an era because she is the last of our paid interns. Now that our seed money is spent, the farm moves forward completely driven by Saint Joe's students and volunteers, and that is exciting! This is the opportunity for Saint Joe's community to really take the farm and run. Every student that has come out to the farm has been a tremendous help in keeping the farm running and I hope, for them, that it has been a learning experience.

We are gearing up to have an offering at the Lakes Region Farmer's Market starting this Saturday. It will be good to get into the community a bit more and drum up some more local awareness, but it will also be nice to bring a little revenue for next season. Running a farm is no small matter and this year we have made a number of upgrades. Still, it would be nice to end the season without having to scrape and beg for funding for basic things (although I am still MORE than willing to grovel for a tractor). But next season is a far off thing and there are so many exciting things happening now!

For you our devoted followers make a note on your calendars. . . May 22nd will be our second annual Community Planting Day. We will open up the farm again and invite folks to come out and cultivate community with us (and of course do some work).

We will put out some advertisement in the days to come. . .
In the meantime a HUGE thanks to Molly K. You are much missed. . . .

Enjoy the spring.

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