Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Mollee", in French it means, "Hey, look - Snow!"

. . . Which is not to be confused with Molly, our new intern.
Finally, after her many guest appearances over the summer and autumn, Molly (or Mollee as, it is rumored, the Internet knows her) has joined Pearson's Town as a paid intern. There has been much anticipation over her coming because she brings with her a fantastic energy level, and more importantly I wont have to talk to just the sheep anymore (Okay, actually our volunteers have done a fabulous job keeping me sane. . . as much as that is possible).

Of course the downfall of Mollee's coming. . . she brought the snow, and not just some snow, but ALL of the snow. Midwesterners are at this very moment wondering why they can see blue sky and where the world's supply of snow could have possibly migrated too. . .
. . . Well, we have it people!!!!!! Would mind terribly taking it back????
Indoctrination including cleaning snow off of hoop houses, shoveling snow, snow blowing, shoveling snow a couple more times, clearing snow, and then watching the snow build up again. Today, as if to validate all of the children out there who believe that if you can't see the monster, the monster can't see you, we spent a bulk of the day in the "secret garden". We had a fair amount of transplanting to do. There are about 300 pea shoots that are growing nicely to offset the herbs and greens that we have started. Still a ways out from being available in the cafe, they make a nice reminder that there can be life in the heart of a Maine winter.
We are also glad (and a little surprised) to welcome aboard Alyssa as a work study intern. It looks as though she is going to be funded by the school, and is going to help us with some of our image (by way of photographs and digital stuff) as well as, of course, the usual farm chores. After all, who could give up the joy of composting?!?

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