Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And another season ends. . .

Last Friday we officially bid adieu to Dana (who heads off to the real world, or was it Delaware!?!), Chris and Ashley (who are still here at St. Joe's). It was bitter sweet. I tend to get attached to the folks I call co-workers (and friends) but change is often good, and each new round of interns have found a way to challenge me.

We finished off the season by tucking the compost piles in for the winter, putting the finishing touches on the hoops and splitting and stacking wood. The snows came and the sheep thought it would be entertaining to eat the mulch hay that we had covered some carrots with. They still aren't too fond of the snow. . . funny for something with such a heavy coat. I am sure that they will pull through and we are 85% certain that at least one of our ewes is with lamb. My hope. . . bring in the nursing students for delivery day. Sheep are like people and like to lamb at the least convenient time possible (usually 3 am) so it should even resemble real life.

So with the interns "gone", I have to thank our horde of volunteers for their hard work, and for sticking around. Without them the farm project would likely turn into the psychology project (who exactly is the farm guy talking to out there all by himself?!?!). Heather, Alyssa, Rayne, Dean, Barry, Melissa, Irene, Mike, Mike (not a stutter), Kelly, Dave and everyone that I am probably forgetting. . . THANK YOU!

As an end of season treat. . . here are some of those photos I promised you:
The chickens don't much care for the snow either. They mostly just sit and stare. . .
Hoop house two: 34 degrees outside. . . 66 degrees indoors.

Season's greetings from the crew at Pearson's Town!

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