Friday, November 13, 2009


The big excitement around the farm this week was the butchering of our turkeys for the Thanksgiving dinner at the school. Truth be told most of those who worked with the birds long enough where ready for them to go, even while a procession of "mourners" came by the farm in the bird's last days to bid them adieu!

I promised you photos in my last post, but considering the nature of the work, some folks weak constitutions, and/or just general dislike of meat, I will forgo this time. . . that and my eight year old had the camera, and you know boys!! So instead I will leave you today with what has become my favorite song and film ever to deal with the process of animals becoming food. . . and veggies too.

Many thanks to the youngsters from New Jersey who submit this for the Farm to Fork conference in Portland, Oregon last March!!!! Check it out!!

"Who put the burger on my plate?"

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