Friday, October 30, 2009

The Intern Speaks

Hello everybody, this is Farm Intern Dana. I have been handed the reigns for the blog and, oh yes, the farm, while Farm Manager Mike is away. The week has gone well, despite 3 sick volunteers and a busted farm van. The brakes have been fixed as of today, though, and we will have enough hands on deck this afternoon to catch up on all the extra compost! Meanwhile, we have been keeping busy. We planting the first beds of winter lettuce in one of the hoop houses, and they've all survived TWO chilly nights now! We had some help from a small group of 7th graders on Monday. We filled the back of the Educational Field with enough garlic to wipe out all your Halloween vampires. We've also been cleaning, and improving the habitats for all our animals. Many thanks to Chris, who cleaned out the turkey coop yesterday (P.U.). The neighborhood foxes are hanging out awfully near the coops these days, but with the pens sealed up tight everyone should be safe. The sheep are crazy as usual, running amok in the onions when the spirit moves them, but we've managed to protect most of the crop from the wooly beasts. I guess that's the story for now. I haven't figured out how to get a picture on this thing yet, but to make up for it I will provide a farm joke: "A farmer is a person who's out standing in her field." Ha! Time for me to go do that now. Bye.


  1. Hooray for the Farm Intern Speaking!!!

    Great Joke, btw

  2. Sounds like everyone is having fun!!! Are we pre-seasoning the sheep with onions??