Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's summer. . . it's really summer.

The sun arrived and just in time. . . only two days to August.
The sun came out and I lost all interest in the blog, and as such I have been reminded that I have been neglecting you all. Many apologies!

The farm is picking up. We have been in communication with other local farms and been watching the MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association) reports from around the state, and things have looked grim the region around. And then the sun came out . . . and there is hope. Always, there is hope.
We have harvested and gleaned the greens out of the fields. We left in some of the maturing spinach plants, as they have flowered, and we want to harvest the seed for next year. Of the greens the arugula was by far my favorite and to die for (in my opinion). We also harvested chard (which I guess is technically a green), berries, and radishes.

The greens have been replanted, as have the cauliflower, broccoli, etc for our autumn harvesting. Currently we are ready to harvest green beans, zucchini, more root crops, and the shell peas are just days away.

Our interns begin to returning to life "as normal" beginning next week, and already they are missed. As we transition into the autumn, we are preparing the sites for the hoop houses, and getting in the last of the autumn planting.

The turkeys are growing ridiculously (which is a good thing), and the chickens went out to their new home yesterday.

It is a hard balance in my mind between, "the summer is over", and "it's not yet August". The school will be going into a three week break, and in that time I am excited to see what the garden grows. In the meantime we are still working to find balance and rhythm with nature (the ground hog ambassadors didn't take kindly to our last request for a treaty).

Well. . . the sun is out. . . why am I sitting in front of a silly computer. . .grow well!

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