Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On the farm.

Spring has been wonderful. After spending the day in front of the computer yesterday it seemed only appropriate to take a walk around the farm property. The back portion behind the veggie plot is heavily wooded and wonderful. To the southwest of the house and barn there are pastures that are still fenced. The back most pasture would be a fantastic place for an heirloom apple orchard. . . perhaps someday. But yesterday it was just pasture.
I walked over to take a look at the windmill that is designed to hook up to a water pump that feeds the small pond near the house. There was a small commotion from underneath the windmill as I approached. Getting closer I had disturbed one of the properties residents, a red fox with a black spot at the base of it's tail.
The fox started for the pastures. Over a half of an hour we participated in a dance. I would approach the fox and it would trot a few paces farther. I would freeze and the fox would take a few steps closer and just watch me.
At one point the fox found a large glacial deposit in the middle of a pasture, climbed it and curled up. It was a great time. Peaceful, quiet, relaxing.
The snow is melting quick. The pastures are free of the white stuff. The demonstration gardens are showing patches of grass and there is still about 8 inches over the growing area. Another week or so we will be thinking about tilling. . .

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